Axanta understands the Jewelry business and its set of challenges, especially when it comes to designing, inventory management, critical operations and so on. 

With Axanta's wide range of functionalities, you can simplify complex supply chain processes, grow business productivity and increase profits through better operational efficiency and feasibility.

Glimmer your business with Axanta's compact ERP and Cloud-based Point of Sale solution, available anytime anywhere.


The attributes of a diamond, a ring, a necklace or a pendant can be quite different and needs to be tracked and priced differently.

Axanta's real-time inventory gives visibility to flexibly handle these product attributes and different product categories.

Axanta Empower's business owners to manage and monitor inventory movement from point of purchase up till the point of sale. Stock from multiple outlets can be viewed under one roof for better decision-making.


Get the customer details from a mandatory government identification card with a breeze by connecting a card reader with Axanta POS.

Combine an easy-to-use application with programmable touchscreen keys to quickly punch up popular items.

Even during peak hours, we guarantee that there will be no loss of speed or accuracy, so that you can always assure fast-paced operations, to your customer's satisfaction.


Open your business to the world and give your customer an experience they shall love every time.

It's easy to connect Axanta with your preferred e-commerce platform and keep track of stock, customers, inventory and orders all sync with your physical store.


Axanta's built-in Customer Loyalty Program counts points for every purchase made by the customer. These points can be converted into discounts, free goods and other bonuses. Axanta's Solution will motivate customers to shop frequently thereby increasing your store business.

Also, Axanta's Gift card scheme are perfect for any event, an easy way to attract new customers and improve sales. Axanta’s Point of Sales solution lets you enable Gift cards with a simple click, and your customers can redeem it in-store.


Provide your store a Competitive Edge by Axanta's Advanced Marketing Solution. Create personalized email campaigns based on the customer's buying process. Set-up welcome emails, birthday messages and more to build better customer relationships.

powerful business insights

Be ahead of the competition by generating detailed custom reports and get real-time visibility through intelligent reports. Get a quick snapshot of your sales, inventory, customers and more.

Axanta's valuable analytics gives you insights on your operations and help you come up with better business decisions. Monitor the sales and stock in real-time from multiple locations in a single place through your mobile, laptop or desktop device.

Multi-Branch Business

Centralize your store operations with Axanta's Cloud-based Solution

Features by verticals

  • Batch / Lot wise MRP and Costing

  • Automated update of current gold, silver etc. rates directly from Government websites

  • Multiple UOM and Alternative Packaging

  • Comprehensive Promotion and Scheme

  • Campaign pricing engine with discount hierarchy

  • Advanced marketing and event management

  • Customized Barcode and Label printing

  • Handheld device support to perform various functions i.e. stock check, price check, shelving, stock receiving transferring etc.

  • Cashier "Touch Screen"
  • Easy Read "Customer Display"
  • Split Screen" Customer Display
  • Weighing Machine Integrated
  • Bundling and kitting of Products
  • Retrieve customer information directly from the government ID cards instead of relying on manual stuff
  • Loyalty and Gift voucher
  • Multiple Payment /Tender Acceptance
  • Multiple Shift and Shift hand over
  • Custom Reporting

Success stories across industries

Axanta ERP meets all our Jewelry store requirements. Tracking and Analyzing data has become faster. We are able to complete our orders on time with Axanta's centralized solution.

Luluat Al Mubarak

Axanta is an effective and efficient IT service provider and Exceptional Software Development firm that can customize based on the standard and needs for my company with Fast and reliable IT support team.

Al Mohra Style Operations Manager, Mr. Mohammad Salama 

Thanks to Axanta's thorough understanding of the local Market and their deep knowldege of Business Process, we've been able to extract unconditional amount of infomation from the system that we want. Axanta Team has been extremely competent, hard working and it is an absolute pleasure to work with them.

National Supply Company Owner, Mr. Rehan Munaf

We have rolled out Axanta ERP & POS at our venue. It is very user-friendly and the back office is pretty much comprehensive especially in terms of stock control and costing. It is indeed a pleasure to work with the Axanta team.

Fresh Points Group (Burger Co.)

Minimize Cost & Maximize Profits with Axanta

Axanta's cost-effective and easy to implement solution centralizes and automates the entire operations into one single platform leading to complete customer satisfaction & High Returns on Investment.

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