Analytical Accounts

Analytic accounting is also known as the cost/profit center. It is used to group various accounts to calculate the difference between cost and revenue and know whether we can expect income or expense. The analytic account can be used to assess the profitability of projects, track and control regular expenses, and so on.

Video demonstration to show how to create a new Analytical Account in Axanta ERP


Create an Analytical account.

Go to Axanta ERP → Finance → Analytical Accounts.

Below screenshot with details of Analytical Accounts form.

Axanta CMS - a big picture
Fields Description
Analytic Account Name of the Analytical Account
Reference Reference for the analytical account i.e. code or any sequence you prefer
Type of Account Type of analytical account. Its a selection field as below:
1. Analytic Account
2. Analytic View - this selection ensures that the analytical account to be used for hierarchical purpose and can't be used in transaction
3. Contract
4. Project
The type is mainly used for reporting purpose
Parent Analytic Account Parent analytical account for hierarchical purpose
Customer Customer if to be linked to an analytical account. Incase if an analytical account is created for a project, then a customer can be linked for reporting purpose
Toggle: Active Toggle button to activate or obselete an analytical account
Toggle: Cost/Revenue Toggle button to display a quick view of the cost or revenue associated to the analytical account