How to Create a Vendor

In Axanta, you can add vendors that you deal with in your business. For creating purchase transaction like bills or purchase orders, you will have to add vendors in your organization.

Note: A customer can also be a vendor at the same time. You need not create two different records one for Customer and other one for Vendor.

There are two ways of adding Vendors in Axanta:

  1. Create from Vendor form

  2. Import Vendors from Excel

1. Create from Vendor Form

Go to Finance Common Forms → Vendors

Axanta CMS - a big picture

Name of the Supplier Name of the supplier. If it's an individual then choose option accordingly.
Address Mention complete address of the supplier
Contact Details Mention supplier contact details
Tax Identification Number TIN Number of the supplier business
Active/ArchiveToggle button to archive a vendor which is no more usable. Once a vendor is archived then it will be no more available for further transactions however, the transactions made previously will be as it is and won't be deleted.

In the below video, you shall learn how to create a new Vendor in Axanta ERP.


2. Import Vendors from Excel

Download the excel format.

Note: the import format for the customers and vendors are same and no difference at all.

In the below video you shall learn about importing vendors in Axanta ERP.