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Axanta, one solution for an enterprise!

Axanta is a smart web-based ERP solution designed for Small, Mid Sized and Large enterprises. Axanta is a cost-effective solution which can enable the business to quickly move away from current manual processes to a fully integrated business solution.

Axanta is highly configurable Cloud ERP solution and provides a rich set of functionality across business processes covering Financial Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Retail, POS, eCommerce, Inventory Management, CRM, Production, Omni Channel etc. These modules are integrated with AxantaERP and give seamless integration across business functions and tight control and visibility over your business which is critical to run your operations efficiently and stay ahead in the highly competitive business environment.

Innovative Technology

Fully web-based, integrated and mobile responsive solution. Easily customizable functions and reports. Available in cloud and on-premise.

Business Benefits

Increase ROI and productivity: streamline your business processes and eliminate any duplication or unnecessary wastage of resources.

Unified Solution

Manage your business centrally from front to back with one single software system. No added complexity, no inconsistent data, no struggle.

Why Choose Axanta?

In a fast moving technological world, it is really important to have a system in place that streamlines your business processes. With Axanta you can:

  • Manage Everything in one Central Platform.
  • Monitor stock levels within your online and physical stores and trigger alerts when appropriate.
  • View and Fulfil Orders Easily without Hassle.
  • Save time, Eliminate Duplication and Increase Efficiency.
  • Generate Custom Reports to Foster Superior Business Decisions.









Multi-Branch Business

Centralize your store operations with Axanta's Cloud-based Solution

Success stories across industries

Axanta is an Effective, Efficient and Exceptional Software Development firm that customizes our requirements based on the standard needs with Fast and Reliable IT support team which in turn enhances our decision-making process.

- Al Mohra Style Operations Manager, Mr. Mohammad Salama

Thanks to Axanta's thorough understanding of the local Market and their deep knowldege of Business Process, we've been able to extract unconditional amount of infomation from the system that we want. Pleasure to work with Axanta!

- National Supply Company Owner, Mr. Rehan Munaf

Axanta understood our needs and helped us streamline our processes in no time. The data can be accessible at any time from any location making the decision process super easy. Axanta has improved the business productivity impeccably. 

- Al Noor Int'l Co  Operations Manager, Mr. Mohamed Tofaily

Great product with excellent customer support. The product is very versatile and can be customized to meet just about any Hardware store's need. We can fetch any relevant information from the system within seconds.

- ACM  

Minimize Cost & Maximize Profits with Axanta

Axanta's cost-effective and easy to implement solution centralizes and automates the entire operations into one single platform leading to complete customer satisfaction & High Returns on Investment.

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