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Chart of Accounts

Maintain Chart of Accounts with hierarchy.

Analytical Accounts

Analytical Accounts helps to manage journals cost center and profit center. Structure your analytic accounts based on projects, contracts, departments, shops etc.

Bank Accounts

To maintain bank accounts.


Combine financial information from multiple companies to generate a consolidated set of statements.


Maintain assets, depreciation and scrap/sale.

Tax Management

Supports a wide range of tax computations: price included / excluded, percentage, grid, tax on taxes, partial exemptions, etc


Maintain Customers.


Maintain Vendors

Multi Currency

Axanta fully supports multi-currency.

Multi Journals

Maintains journal with unique sequences and other related setup.

Multiple Payment Terms

Maintain Payment Terms.

Journal Entries

Create journals and post. Journals can be imported through excel. Full audit is available.

Vendor Invoices

Book invoice and update vendor balances

Vendor Credit Notes

Easy creation of credit notes from purchase.

Vendor Payments

Create vendor payment and reconcile against invoices.

Customer Invoices

Book invoice and update customer balances

Customer Credit Notes

Easy creation of credit notes from sales.

Customer Payments

Create customer payment and reconcile against invoices.

Customer Vendor Payment Matching

A very fast and easy way to reconcile the invoices and payments of customer or vendors.

Misc. Receipts

Book misc. income.

Misc. Payments

Book misc. expenses.

Bank Reconciliations

A very fast and easy way to reconcile the bank transactions.

Recurring Journal Entries

Save time by creating journal entries and reuse it every month.

Lock Financial Periods

Lock journal entries before a specific date.

Entries Analysis

A 360 degree analytical view of your complete financial records.

Trial Balance

Standard report to see Trial Balance.

Profit & Loss

Standard report to see P&L.

Balance Sheet

Standard report to see Balance Sheet.

Bank Statement

Standard report to see Bank account statement.

Ledger Statement

Standard report to see account statement.

Vendor & Customer Statement

Standard report to see AR/AP statement. Can also select and print multiple Customers/Vendors and exportable to excel.

Vendor & Customer Ageing Report

Standard report to see Vendor/Customer Age. Can also export to excel.


Product Catalog

Easily setup product variants such as colours, size and material. Manage bar codes and stock at variant levels.

Multiple UOM

Maintain multiple UOM of a single product with conversion factor.

Product Categorization

Multiple Locations

Manage inventory from back-office and track stock by multiple locations.

Multiple Barcodes

Use barcodes for products including separate barcodes for product variants. Barcodes are also included on receipts so that you can find orders easily.

Product Bundles

Create composite product bundles using your existing products.

Advance Routing

Advance routing helps business to deal with complex warehouse process.

Cost Valuation

Axanta support Average, Standard, LIFO and FIFO costing methods.

Serialized Products

Maintain products having serial numbers. Axanta makes this process very simple and easy to use.

Consignment Stock

Axanta very well manages consigments inventory and a full set of process is inbuilt.

Product by batch numbers

Manage inventory items batch expiry and mafucturing dates.

Auto Replenishment

Axanta lets you set custom reorder points for each individual product. So you can set it and forget and when stock hits, a replenishment order is generated automatically.

Automated Reports

Axanta gives you various automated reports i.e. Cost price greater sales prices etc. which is sent through email periodically.

Stock Receiving

Receive stock in warehouse or store.

Stock Picking

Pick stock to be delivered to client or store

Stock Transfers

Transfer stock between stores. Inventory levels get updated automatically for each store. You also get it on a report.

Stock Counting

Inventory count is always a time consuming task, but we’ve made it a litter easier for you. Perform full or partial inventory count, schedule counts in advance and even action multiple partial counts at once.

Stock Adjustment +/-

Adjust stock by making it plus or minus from current inventory.

Cost Adjustment

Easily adjust your cost of products. Axanta updates your financials accordingly. Bulk change is also possible through excel upload

Stock Onhand

Check stock available by location, category, subcategory brand, supplier etc.

Stock Movement

Check ledger of a particular item with transaction details.

Stock Movement Summary

Report to show the movement of products i.e. opening, purchase, sold, in, out, closing etc.

Stock Reordering

Report to show the reordering rule setup in the system

Stock Aging

Report to show you the age of inventory products. Buckets are configurable and report can be exported to excel.

Near to expiry report

Report to show near to expiry products. Can also be scheduled to be sent as email.

WMS Mobile

Compatible with any handheld

Axanta WMS Mobile is a browser-based responsive app and is compatible with any new generation handheld device.

Easy user interface

Very easy and clean interface makes it understant faster.


WMS Mobile is fully configurable as per requirement.

Receiving and Putaway

Receive stock and put it into bin locations fast and easily.

Pick and Ship

Pick and ship products to your clients or to your stores.

Create PO/TO/SO

Axanta Mobile WMS allows you to create Purchase order, Sales Order or Transfer order through mobile devices.

Stock Counting

Forget the headache of manual counts and go paperless with Axanta Mobile WMS.

Stock Check

Check stock available by location for partcular product.

Price Check

Check price of a partcular product.



Maintain supplier and contacts with all possible details.

Vendor Pricelist

Maintain prices of products by supplier and while creating PO, sytem will pick it automatically.

Request for Quotation

Create purchase requisition and send to suppliers for price.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders and send them via email to your suppliers. Know the last price of given items in PO for the respective supplier.

Purchase Return

Create purchase return document either from existing purchase orders or complete new document.

Landed Cost

Axanta lets you set landing cost on Purchases and calculates the cost of product based on Qty/Value automatically.

Vendor Bills

Create vendor bills either against a PO or a new document itself.

Vendor Credit Notes

Create vendor credit note either against a PO or a new document itself.

Vendor Payment

Create vendor payment and reconcile against invoices.

Send email to suppliers

Send Purchase orders to suppliers directly.

Bulk Import

Import Purchase order lines through excel file format.

Three way check

Let your accountant ensure the invoice matches three ways before posting.

PO Approval

Approval process to ensure that no PO is confirmed until approved.


Show warnings for certain products or suppliers while making the Purchase order.

Purchase Agreement

Manage your purchase agreements (call for tenders, blanket orders)


Maintain forecast versions. Compare actual purchases vs. forecast.

Selling Price from Purchase Order

Set the selling price of products through PO based on matrix.

Purchase Analysis

A complete transactional report to give you all possible details about the purchases you made.

Purchase History Report

Report to show your price history of any product by supplier. This is also visible while making PO as well.

Retail Management

Store & Terminal Management

Create and manage stores from backoffice. Wide range of options to control your store.


Create staff and assign them appropriate permisions on operation they will perform.

Retail Products

Axanta gives various options on product master to manage retail operations more smoothly i.e. allowing zero price or not, stop sell below second price, warranty etc.

Promotional Voucher

Create promotional voucher. Wide range of setup available i.e. dicount percent, discount amount, available for specific items etc.

Loyalty Scheme

Setup your loyalty program to benefit your customer.

Promotional Pricing

Setup special price for your customers and track it.

Fraud Control

See all the transaction details took place on POS in the backoffice along with voided transaction and other details.

Data Distribution

Manage item and prices data distribution from backoffice.

Reconciliation - Cash

Biggest job for accountants is to reconcile payments collected from store. Axanta gives you fully automated and easy to use tool to reconcile and post accounting journals.

Loyalty Journal

Give additional benefit to your customers by adding loyalty points occasionally.

Retail Sales Analysis Report

An analytical report to show the complete retail sales of the business i.e. by brand, dvision, category, salesman etc.

Sales Return Report

Report to show the returns punched in the POS. This is a scheduled report and sent to concerned person email.

Sale Discount Report

Report to show discounts punched in the POS. This is a scheduled report and sent to concerned person email.

Sales Transaction Report

Report to show all the transactions punched in the POS. This is a scheduled report and sent to concerned person email.

Payment Tender Report

Report to show all the payment transaction i.e. cash, master card, visa etc.

Price Override Report

Report to show price override by cashier on POS.

Negative Margin Report

Report to show products having negative margin.

Sales Summary Report

Schedulable management report with appropriate details of sales i.e. day, WTD, MTD,YTD etc.

Loyalty Point Report

Report to show the amount of points accrued by customers.

Point of Sale

Fully Customisable

Axanta lets you customize product options, receipt content, categories, layout and much more. Axanta POS works around your setup, not the other way around.


You can sell even if your internet is down. When your internet is back, transactions are automatically synced back to the cloud.


Fully supports english and arabic.

OPOS Enabled

Axanta POS is developed with OPOS standard and can easily integrate with any hardware device i.e. cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display etc.

Magnetic Cards

Use MSR cards to login or authorize operations and speed up the process.

Powerful Designer

Design your POS layout as you like. Create buttons with colors and images and make it simple and faster for your staff.

Powerful analytics

Let your store manager knows complete sales information for his store.

Easy checkout

When ready to take customer payment, simply click on pay, take payment, pops open the cash drawer and receipt is printed. The seamless process means faster moving queues and happier customers.

Custom receipts

Customize receipts with your logo and website. Choose to email or print receipts after a sale.

Staff Permission

Create staffs and define permissions for each of them depending on their role. Customize to align with your store processes, and keep sensitive information hidden and secure.

Customer profiles

Fast way to capture customer info. Centrally managed customer profiles.

Product and customer search

Quickly add products to the sale by typing in keywords or using a barcode scanner. Easily find customers by name or phone number.


Apply discounts to an entire sale or for particular product line items.


Add notes that will appear on your customers’ receipts to let them know about care instructions, special discounts, or other targeted offers.


Capture misc. income or expenses from POS. These option ensure that the end of day cash tallies with X-Report along with reducing the accountants job to manually pass journal entry for such income or expense.


Manage employee shift and keep track of cash.

Split payments

Let your customers choose how they pay you.

Suspend Transaction

Temporarily park any sale and quickly retrieve it when your customer is ready to complete their transaction.

Refunds and returns

Give every customer the flexibility to change their minds with simple refund processing and returns.

Credit Voucher

Keep your customers coming back by issuing credit voucher instead of refunds.

On-account Sales

Provide partial payments, or make purchases on-account. Quickly access customer payment history and current balances. A central customer database means you can easily apply payments at another store or a later date.

Gift cards

Bring in new customers and increase revenue with flexible and brandable gift cards.


Issue and redeem loyalty for customers.

Promotional Voucher

Redeem promotional voucher from the POS.


Attach salesman to a transaction and easily evaluate performance.

Transaction Profitability

Axanta POS gives option to see the profit on an order right away.

Customer History

Easily check history of the customer about the item he bought across your business.

Transaction Report

Hike keeps track of all daily transactions for every sale, payment & refunds.


Generate daily totals reports to keep track of all payment types and transactions including cash, cards, gift cards, on account sales and returns.

Item Request

Request items from warehouse or other store.

Stock Receive

Receive stock from warehouse in POS.

Inventory Lookup

Check available stock for products in other locations

Create PO

Create PO for stock received by supplier in store. This option makes it easier for accountants in backoffice to enter the purchase details again.

Kitchen Print

Axanta lets you print the ticket to kitchen.

Stock Count

Axanta gives option to count your inventory from POS with proper grouping.

Custom BOM

Axanta has a unique option to make a custom BOM (recipe, basket etc.) on the POS itself and can sell it through.

Table Management

Organize your retaurant tables in AxantaPOS

Order Types

Select order types such as quick sale, take out, drive thru or delivery.

Order Tracking

Manage your orders with an option to track order statuses.

Read Weighing Scale Barcodes

Read barcodes coming from weighing scales. Fully configurable.

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