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Retail Management

Flexible retail solution and easy-to-use retail POS systems that can help you streamline your business, increase productivity and improve your bottom line. Forget the pains of setting up, managing and maintaining multiple applications that are hard to use and integrate.

From point of sale terminals through inventory management, reporting, e-commerce to your complete omnichannel strategy, you can manage your day-to-day retail operations easily and quickly, growing your business through well-informed business decisions and strengthening your customer base through highly customizable promotions, all handled from the same fully integrated retail solution.

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Simplify Operations

Streamline your business with an integrated solution that covers your whole retail operation.

Analyze Sales

Check how business is performing in real time; make better decisions based on precise, up-to-date information.

Loyalty Program

Design highly customized loyalty programs and send them straight to your customers’ mobiles.

Key Retail Management Functions

Stock Visibility - Realtime

Stock is always up to date as the posting takes place in real-time.


Set mix and match and other discounts and voucher promotions to promote sales.

Fraud Prevention

Control and monitor the staff activity i.e. discount, void, refunds, drawer opening etc.

Sales Forecast

Set target in the system and get WTD, MTD, YTD along with previous time comparison.

Auto Replenishment

Setup auto-replenishment either by min-max or one2one.


Analytical reports with all possible dimensions, sales and margin comparison. Automate the sales reports to be published to mails. Axanta's dashboard provides users with an instant visual representation of their sales KPIs.

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