Axanta ERP Solution for Electronics, Home Appliances and Mobile & Accessories

Solution for Electronics, Home Appliances and Mobile & Accessories

With increasing competition coming from big retailers and major online retailers, and due to the quick obsolescence of technological equipment and devices, consumer electronics commerce is one of the most challenging sectors in retail.

As new technologies are becoming commonplace at an increasingly rapid rate, electronics stores must quickly respond to changing consumers’ needs and carefully manage inventory levels in order to avoid piling up stock, which can quickly become outdated. At the same time, to ensure a good sales turnover, they must also offer an adequate selection of goods at competitive prices – when and where their customers want them.

aving an effective, integrated omni-channel strategy is key to competition. No matter whether your customers check your website, a mobile app, read your catalog, call you, or visit your physical stores, they expect to receive a seamless, high-quality service, and to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Features by vertical

  • Serial No or IEMIE No tracking.

  • Warranty and service agreement management.

  • Call center.

  • Service and Repair management module.

  •  Inventory allocation to customer orders.

  • Price quote and confirmation management.

  •  Campaign pricing engine with discount hierarchy.

  •  Advanced marketing and event management.