Axanta Inventory Management

Real time inventory management.

Inventory Management

Improve customer service and profitability with real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, and inventory costs with an inventory management from Axanta.

What’s in your warehouse? Axanta gives you a real-time view of your inventory and allows you to segment inventory by department, division, category, sub-category, define flexible valuation methods, identify out-of-date inventory, know your current inventory availability across multiple warehouses, set replenishment reorder points, and associate purchase orders with preferred vendors for each item.

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Inventory Management Features

Multiple Location

Manage multiple location inventory quantities and allocations. Redistribute inventory from a central warehouse to other warehouses. Assign location specific rights to restrict users perform action respectively. 

Multiple Valuation Methods

Use standard cost, moving average, FIFO, and item specific methods. Select a different valuation method for each inventory item. Make direct adjustments to cost and physical inventory count using report and inquiry screens

Lot and Serial Numbering

Track inventory by lot or serial number. Assign or enter lot/serial numbers on receive, issue, or production. Associate item-specific valuation methods to serial numbers to track specific costs.

Two-Step Transfers

Inventory transfers are performed in two steps so you can track goods in transit between locations.

Inventory Bin/Location Control

Stock can optionally be assigned to a bin for easy location when picking or packing. At any stage there is visibility into the quantity of stock at each bin location.

Purchase Order Automation

Automatically generate purchase orders based on stock level and replenishment algorithms. Orders go to the vendor with the best price and delivery time.

Inventory Replenishment

Get an inventory replenishment report to see all items with an inventory count below your defined threshold. You can choose to manually order inventory or create bulk imports.

Matrix Products

Configure your products with sizes, colors matrix. Apply other dimension i.e. brand, category, countries, division, department, groups etc.


Comprehensive audit trails for all transactions. Detailed inventory summary and movement and aging reports with flexible run-time options.

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