Why Axanta?

A fully integrated & user-friendly system for your business needs!

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Axanta is an enterprise-class business solution software developed on a robust technology platform and functionality-rich options. Axanta is an affordable solution for startups and can scale to an enterprise-level without any pain.

  1. One system that integrates your company’s financial management, operations, Retail, eCommerce and CRM.

  2. Built using industry-standard best practices.

  3. Run on-premise or in the cloud.

Dedicated to helping you

  • Phone support seven days a week.

  • Dedicated onboarding agents.

  • 1-on-1 demos and training tutorials.

  • Online documentation.

Functionality like no others

  • Real-time updates and offline capabilities.

  • Detailed purchase order and invoice tracking and many more.

  • Comprehensive inventory management.

  • Built-in loyalty programs and promotions.

Security in the cloud

  • Cloud-based and accessible from anywhere.

  • Encrypted data with daily backups.

  • Consistent and automatic security updates.

Fast delivery

Axanta is a feature-rich solution and has all the functions required for a business. Our qualified team will understand your business requirements and will configure your cloud instance accordingly.


Axanta's cloud model is a very cost-effective solution that not only eliminates on-premise IT costs but also keeps your software up to date.

Scalable solution

Axanta is a complete business management software solution encompassing of ERP/ financials, CRM and eCommerce—that grows with you at every stage.

  • Read out to know why you should choose Axanta for your business.

  • Seeing is believing! Ask us to arrange a demo for your business and see how Axanta can improve your business.

  • Check pricing of Axanta for different plans. See the best plan fits your business needs.

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