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        Axanta Cloud Computing

        Axanta's Cloud ERP allows users to access the system over the internet. It has a much lower upfront cost as it cuts down the initial capital investment and hardware installation cost. Also, the implementation is rapid and simple as it doesn't require an in-house data center or maintenance team.

        Maintaining data on cloud is particularly valuable to small and medium-sized businesses as it provides access to full-function applications at a reasonable price.

        1. Utilize the benefit of Axanta ERP without stretching your      budgets

        2. Compatible and Integrated solution to meet specific needs

        3. Keep your system up-to-date and improve overall business performance

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        Key Cloud Computing Benefits

        Cost Savings

        Save Substantial capital cost eliminating physical hardware and data server investments.

        Competitive Edge

        Get a strategic edge over your competitors. Access the latest applications anytime.

        Rapid Deployment 

        Get the advantage of deploying quickly. The entire system can be functional within minutes.

        Back-Up & Restore

        As the data is on-cloud, it is easier to get the back-up and recovery of that. 

        Integrated Applications

        Additional efforts to customize and integrate applications are eliminated as it happens automatically.


        Get instant updates about the changes made which is the biggest plus of cloud computing. 


        Remotely access data with cloud services at ease. 

        Unlimited Storage

        Get limitless storage capacity with cloud. Expand storage capacity anytime as per business requirements 


        Collaborate with employees remotely in a highly convenient and secure manner. 

        • Learn more about AxantaERP. Find out details about the functions available in AxantaERP.

        • Seeing is believing! Ask us to arrange a demo for your business and see how Axanta can improve your business.

        • Check the pricing of Axanta for different plans. See the best plan that fits your business needs.

        A perfect solution for any retail business!

        Start, run & grow your retail business with Axanta

        Minimize Cost & Maximize Profits with Axanta

        Axanta's cost-effective and easy to implement solution centralizes and automates the entire operations into one single platform leading to complete customer satisfaction & High Returns on Investment.

        Wondering if Axanta would be the right solution for your business? Schedule a demo today and see what Axanta can do for your business.

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