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All-In One Point Of Sale Solution

Axanta POS is a full-service point of sale solution having Multi-store, Multi-user, eCommerce integrated, loyalty-ready capabilities that aims to deliver seamless retail experiences. Its customizable and user-friendly interface empowers you to reflect your retail brand consistently across all shopping channels.

Axanta POS is the feature-rich core of the AxantaERP Retail management suite allowing centralized management of all inventory, customer profiles and configurations, including pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns, from one place. The intuitive UI can be operated using a touch screen or keyboard, Online or Offline, and connects to all the latest hardware – barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers.

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AxantaPOS fully supports Arabic. Additionally, we can customize the package for any language.


Ensure business continuity in the rare event that you lose an internet connection.

Back Office Integration

Fully integrated with AxantaERP Back-Office, Inventory, Accounting for Detailed Stock and Financial Accounting. 

Improve operational efficiency

Axanta POS gives you better control over your operational needs with its powerful features. With Axanta you will be able to:

1. Configure your POS layout as per your needs.

2. Inventory lookup to not lose sales for out of stock products in the store.
3. Issue credit vouchers for returns.
4. Maintain your store expenses and on-account customer payments through POS           itself.
5. Full control and audit logs to prevent fraud.
6. Works totally offline and synchronizes data to the cloud without a VPN.

Deliver a better customer experience 

Axanta POS transforms the point of sale into a point of service, with features that enhance the shopping experience. Impress your customers and ensure repeat business by:

1. Speeding up your check-out lines.
2. Managing offers and discounts at the POS.
3. Offering loyalty programs with customized special offers.
4. Handling exchanges, returns and voids fast and easily.
5. Accepting multiple payments types, including cash, card and foreign currency.
6. Accessing customer purchase history and information from anywhere in the store.

Save time and cost

Axanta simplifies your business operations by making it centralized and eliminates duplication of work. Below advantages of centralization:

1. Reduce complexity.
2. Cut software and system administration costs.
3. Say goodbye to inconsistent financial data.
4. Gain centralized control over prices, inventory, offers, orders, customers and product content.
5. Access all the vital business information you need, exactly when you need it.

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Detailed Features

  • Easy to learn and operate for cashiers and sales staff.
  • Comprehensive POS Designer for custom branded UI.
  • Show the customized product and customer information on the main screen.
  • Multiple transaction types in a single transaction.
  • Multi-language operation i.e. English/Arabic
  • Display customer balance, available credit and product images.
  • Add specific transaction comments which can be printed on the receipt.
  • Print gift receipts.
  • Real-time replication of transaction data to the back-office system.
  • Works in both online and offline mode.
  • Runs on a wide variety of hardware.
  • Keyboard operation or Touch Screen, Dual display capabilities.
  • Raise purchase order in store for local vendors.
  • Inter-store transfers, transactions, item order and fulfillment from others stores or DC.
  • Multiple Payment Types Supported.
  • Cash Management.
  • Collect advance payments or deposits.
  • Receive payments on account.
  • Print payment receipts.
  • Store Specific Pricing.
  • Special Prices For Business Partners.
  • Centralized Gift Card & Voucher Management.
  • Issue, redeem and recharge at POS.
  • Loyalty & Customer Management.
  • View entire stock across stores or at the main warehouse/distribution center at the POS.
  • Manage Stock with Handheld Devices.
  • Goods receiving against PO or warehouse shipments.
  • Inventory counting and adjustments.

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