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Axanta's Software is designed to handle all the business needs in the most productive, competent and well-organized way.

Axanta's Point of Sale and ERP solution makes it more convenient for you to process payments manage the store and satisfy your customers. From streamlining operations and controlling cash flow to tracking the inventory, employees and customers, all data and information are delivered instantaneously via a customizable dashboard that gives an instant overview of your store across all of your devices and locations.

With custom dashboards, users can access key information quickly without having to re-run individual reports.

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Our real time inventory solution gives visibility to staff in-store to better control stock.

Axanta's auto-replenishment process eliminates the headache of listing out the items manually. It helps to compare the theoretical and actual usage & identify problem areas.

Take cost control to a new level with proper recording of stock waste. Increase your profit margins by quantifying what you're wasting and improve your bottom line. 

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Develop Efficient forecasting Models & use financial information to plan for future activities.

Produce Trial Balance, Balance sheet, Cash Flow & P/L statement to get a proper visibility on the financial performance of the business.

Allow your Super Market and Hyper Market to get smarter and ease your financial operations with Axanta.

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Axanta's mobile WMS enables you to keep a tab of all the stock in the warehouse. It can allow you to do periodic cycle counts without interfering with day to day operations.

Axanta's WMS ensures that the right product is picked and shipped accurately which improves the overall customer service that orders are received and processed on time.

Whether you’re in a warehouse or on a shop floor, you can connect a scanner and get to work. Track a lot of information, expiry dates, UPC and serial numbers. Increase the accuracy of your inventory count and cut down the time to fulfill orders. 

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Fast checkout functionality

Axanta's Sales process is Super Fast. You can integrate barcode scanning for faster operations that will help save time during checkout.

Automating repetitive tasks with an integrated payment processor will help reduce operating expenses and save time, ultimately leading to increased checkout speed.

You can manage accurate estimates and fulfill orders with perfect precision to ensure high customer satisfaction. 

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Axanta POS easily integrates with any modern scale and eliminates the updating of scale manually. This not only saves duplication of work but also ensures that the prices in the scale are the same as in POS.

The display screen on the POS system allows shoppers to see the weight plus other transactional data as it's entered. This instantly boosts your efficiency, profits and customer confidence at the point-of-sale.

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Be ahead of the competition by getting real-time visibility through intelligent reports. Acquire immediate Knowledge on your sales, inventory, customers and more.

Axanta's valuable analytics gives you insights on your operations and help you come up with better business decisions. Monitor the sales and stock in real-time from multiple locations in a single place through your mobile, laptop or desktop device.

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Provide your store a Competitive Edge by Axanta's Advanced Marketing Solution. Create personalized email campaigns based on the customer's buying process. Set-up welcome emails, birthday messages and more to build better customer relationships.

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Axanta's built-in Customer Loyalty Program counts points for every purchase made by the customer. These points can be converted into discounts, free goods and other bonuses. Axanta's Solution will motivate customers to shop frequently thereby increasing your store business.

Also, Axanta's Gift card scheme are perfect for any event, an easy way to attract new customers and improve sales. Axanta’s Point of Sales solution lets you enable Gift cards with a simple click, and your customers can redeem it in-store.

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A comprehensive feature for creating retail offers and managing all types of promotions across all channels in a centralized platform.

With Axanta ERP, create promotional offers such as BOGO, Mix and Match, Price Deal, etc. by easily configuring and bundling offers based on several criteria, e.g. customers, attributes and items within a click. Gain real-time insights and make your promotions more effective.

Also, draw in customers with the deals that are actually relevant to them and increase sales which in turn leads to increased profits.

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Open your business to world and give your customer an experience they shall love every time.

It's easy to connect Axanta with your preferred e-commerce platform and keep track of stock, customers, inventory and orders all sync with your physical store.

Also, centralize your sales information from different locations and keep it organized.

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Features by verticals

  • Batch / Lot Wise MRP and Costing

  • Perishable and Expiry Nature of Item Alerts

  • Multiple UOM and Alternative Packaging

  • Can be received in Carton or Box and Sold in PCS or Dozen

  • Campaign Pricing Engine with Discount Hierarchy

  • Advanced Marketing and Event Management

  • Customized Barcode and Label Printing application

  • Handheld device support to perform various functions i.e. stock check, price check, shelving, stock receiving   transferring, etc.

  • Loyalty Program & Gift Card Support

  • Credit Voucher

  • Cashier "Touch Screen"

  • Easy Read" Customer Display

  • Split Screen" Customer Display

  • Weighing Machine Integrated

  • Bundling and kitting of Products

  • Home Delivery Bill and Home Delivery Counter

  • Multiple Payment /Tender Acceptance

  • Multiple Shift and Shift hand over

  • Comprehensive Promotion and Scheme

  • Custom Reporting

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