Customer Creation

With Axanta ERP, you can add customers that you deal with in your business. Before creating sales transaction like invoices or sales orders, you will have to add customers in your organization.

Note: A customer can also be a vendor at the same time. You need not create two different records i.e. one for customer and other one for vendor.

Video demonstration to show how to create a new Customer in Axanta ERP.


There are two ways of adding customers in Axanta:

  1. Create Manually

  2. Import Customer

1. Creating Customer Manually

Go to Finance → Common Forms → Customers.

Axanta CMS - a big picture

Customer NameMention Name of the Customer (Individual/Company)
AddressMention Company Address
ContactEnter their Credentials like Mobile, Phone and Email
LanguagePreferred language of the Customer/Vendor. Note that based on the language preference, the documents i.e. order, invoice etc. are generated
TINTax Identification Number
Active/ArchiveToggle button to Archive a customer which is no more usable. Once a customer is archived then it will be no be available for further transactions however, the transactions made previously will be as is and won't be deleted.

2. Importing Customers

The import format for the customers and vendors are same and no difference at all.

Download the excel format from here.

In the below video you'll learn about importing customers in Axanta ERP.


3. Create Individual Contacts

Under Customer Creation, Go to Contacts & Addresses → Create → Fill Form

Axanta CMS - a big picture

Fill in the relevant details as shown in the above image like Contact Name, Title, Job Position, etc. and save. Either you can Close it or create a new contact for the same company by clicking on Save & New or you can Discard.

In the below video, you will learn how to create a new contact.