Bank Accounts

You can manage as many Bank Accounts as needed on your database. Configuring them well allows you to make sure that all your banking data is up to date and ready for the reconciliation with your Journal Entries.

In Axanta ERP, each Bank Account is configured to have a dedicated Journal which is configured to post all entries in a dedicated Account.

Note: Whenever you add a Bank Account, a dedicated journal and a dedicated account are automatically created and configured.

Video demonstration to show how to create a new Bank Account in Axanta ERP


Create a Bank Account

To add a new bank account manually, Go to Axanta ERP → Finance → Bank Accounts, click on Create, and fill out the form.

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Account NameName of the Bank Account
Account NumberAccount Number of the Bank
BankName of the Bank
CompanyYour Company Details
CurrencyCurrency in which Bank Transactions would take place

Advanced Configuration

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You can configure which types of payments are enabled in the Receivables and Payables section and how the Bank statements are recorded and posted in the Bank Statements section.