Business Challenge

Art Craftmen (ACM), dealing in Hardware and tools has been expanding their business in Kuwait having 2 retail shops with 6 POS systems in each shop respectively. Before implementing Axanta ERP, ACM used to manage their business operations manually.  Paper-based systems were used to maintain inventory, sales-purchase transactions, accounting and other business related operations, leading to numerous difficulties in keeping track of inventory, monitoring sales and were unable to achieve accurate end of day sales reports.

It was challenging to have a complete Retail module system with the existing solution and have a clear visibility across stores.  ACM wanted to have deeper strategic insights into their retail stores, which the previous solution failed to provide. In addition, the business was not able to generate automated quotations resulting in human errors and customer dissatisfaction.  

Further, they needed a system that would manage their critical business functions and provide the management with informed decisions in order to grow and have a competitive edge.

The Solution  

After evaluating many solutions, Axanta ERP was found to be the best solution for the management meeting all their requirements.  Axanta ERP made it possible for the management to completely automate their business operations and gave them the flexibility they were expecting of a retail management solution. 

The management was able to perform accounting and financial analysis that helped them to gain clear visibility into the business. Implementation with Axanta ERP also helped the business to save their valuable time and avoid the inconsistencies. The solution offered an effective and robust retail module to the business providing a consolidated view of the retail operations, inventory, and sales-purchase that resulted  in increasing their productivity.  

Axanta ERP made it possible for the management to generate automated quotations, eliminating the human errors and flaws. Also, accurate and reliable accounting and other financial reports were achieved, resulting in better decision making. 

ACM experienced a positive change in their business operations by not only reducing their manual work but also enhancing customer satisfaction with the best retail software- Axanta ERP. 

  • Headquarters : Kuwait
  • Website :
  • Industry : Hardware & Tools Retailer
  • Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite

Axanta Business fulfils Art Craftmen's need for a fully integrated retail management solution

“ To efficiently run our Organization operations, we were looking for an end-to-end management retail ERP. Axanta fulfilled all our needs perfectly. Changes can be made very easily and at a faster pace. All our processes are operated seamlessly without any trouble.”

Operations Manager, ACM


  • The Retailer's legacy system did not provide visibility across the stores
  • Inability to keep up with customer preferences and latest retail trends
  • Lack of clear and consolidated inventory view across stores
  • Manual business operation resulted in errors and inconsistency
  • Effective decisions were not been made due to inaccurate data reports
  • Inability to automate and deliver a seamless retail experience to customers and employees
  • Frequent freezing errors, breakdown at the time of checkout and slow integration between POS & ERP
  • An outdated interface limited their growth & customer experience


  • Gained clear visibility into business process and better understanding
  • Improved decision-making process for effective retail management
  • Consolidated retail sales data with improved accuracy and transparency

  • Retail management system helped them to achieve accurate results through automated process
  • Effective reporting helped to achieve accurate and reliable financial reports
  • Eliminating human errors and increasing the business productivity
  • Flawless operations through POS with faster synchronization, data accuracy and allowing for faster checkouts
  • Increased customer satisfaction through much simpler and easy to user interface