Business Challenge

Chipstore, needed to upgrade to a seamlessly integrated retail management solution. The legacy system they were using was unable to accommodate their aggressive growth plans. In addition, the earlier retail system used keyboards for check-out, which led to delayed check-outs, long queues and dissatisfied customers. Enhancing customer experience was one of the major challenges that the retailer was looking to resolve.

Another challenge that Chipstore's management had was lack of data synchronization between outlets. Due to their growth over time, the store's legacy retail application was not able to provide the much needed visibility into merchandise across the retail chain. Chipstore started looking for a solution to resolve these challenges keeping scalability and customer engagement as their top priorities.

The Solution

Chipstore chose to implement Axanta ERP, completely integrated business solution for retail chains to effectively manage their retail operations.  After implementing Axanta ERP, Chipstore has experienced a perceptible rise in their operational efficiency as Axanta's Sales process is Super Fast. Integrating barcode scanning for faster operations and Automating repetitive tasks with an integrated payment processor has helped reduce operating expenses & save time during checkout. With speed coming in as the biggest game changer, it became easy for the customers to find what they need, pay for it and leave making the customer’s time valuable.

Axanta ERP was well received amongst the staff at Chipstore. In addition to managing Point of Sale, the solution offered comprehensive functionality, covering financial accounting, inventory control, purchase order management, pricing, online sales and promotions, customer management and marketing, employee management and reporting.  

Chipstore’s store managers now can come up with better business decisions as they can monitor sales and stock in real-time from multiple locations in a single place with data getting synchronized between outlets ensuring accurate, secure, compliant data and successful team and customer experiences.

  • Headquarters : Kuwait
  • Website :
  • Industry : Retail Electronics
  • Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite

Axanta Business Solution fulfills Chips Store's need for a fully integrated Retail Management Solution

Chips Store is a global leader in Mobile services with a store network spread throughout the Middle East. Since its establishment in the UAE in 2000, Chipstore store's set an unbounded target of expanding its Middle East territories with their postpaid and prepaid mobile services to fulfil to growing trends that are eminent for the region. Chipstore is a customer service oriented company with an inspired goal — to make customers happy, one phone and plan at a time.

Operations Manager, Chips Store


  • No Integration with the ecommerce solution
  • Multiple systems for Ecommerce, POS, Accounting and duplication of work
  • Inaccuracy in stock due to duplication in work
  • No real time data
  • Old system did not have a promotion engine for executing marketing and sales campaigns
  • The Retailer's legacy system did not provide visibility of merchandise across the retail chain
  • Delayed check-outs due to outdated POS system
  • Retailer was unable to sell combination offers, run promotions or reach out to customers


  • Supports Loyalty Program and Promotions Management like discounts, gift card, etc.
  • Comprehensive merchandise visibility across the retail chain at all times
  • Improved decision-making process for effective retail management
  • Better understanding of customer buying preferences
  • Efficient accounting and financial reporting 
  • Better and faster store replenishment
  • Easy identification of slow-moving inventories