Business Challenge

Key pain area for big retailers, especially in the hypermarket segment are the wafer thin margins. With 60% of the business coming from food and grocery, the inventory comes with an expiry date, high shrinkage and high pilferage. At Kabayan Hypermarket, the senior management was unable to see the correct sales figures and consolidated view of available inventory. Fragmented data and inaccessibility of clear view was a major contributor to delayed decision making and was a severe hindrance in future expansion plans of the company.

Reduced efficiency and man hours spent in uploading and downloading the sales invoice data to the server for consolidation of inventory too was big concern. In addition ascertaining pilferage was a remote task since data was being stored at different locations leading to constant discrepancy in stocks level. 

While conducting sales the operator had difficulties in selecting the retail price & offer price which lengthened the transaction time raising customer dissatisfaction. Calculation errors, mismatched reports and a complex interface added to the overall operational chaos, hence they decided to move ahead with Axanta ERP.

The Solution

Kabayan, a retail business operating across 5 stores, has successfully streamlined its operations with the implementation of Axanta ERP. The integration of Axanta's comprehensive suite of features has enabled Kabayan to enhance its retail efficiency and customer engagement. Company wanted to take advantage of the latest retail technology in order to offer its customers the most efficient and streamlined purchasing experience, with a focus on fast, effective, and efficient service to each customer.

Axanta ERP was able to manage their inventory to keep a check of the inventory level so that it never went out of stock. Also, it allowed them to set a warning level and alert them when it reaches the minimum level so they can restock their warehouse beforehand. allowed them to see which product is bringing in more profit, who are their highest value customers, best sales executives, etc, graphically hence making perfect decisions about their business.

Key Achievements

Loyalty Program Success:  The Axanta ERP's loyalty program has played a pivotal role in Kabayan's success by facilitating effective marketing campaigns. This initiative has not only retained existing customers but has also attracted new ones.

Seamless Integration with Android & IOS Application:  Axanta seamlessly integrated the loyalty program with the Android application, ensuring a cohesive customer experience across various touchpoints. Resulting in enhanced customer engagement and loyalty through the mobile platform.

Expanded Functionality: The ERP solution offered various functionalities tailored to meet Kabayan's unique business requirements. Features such as the Price check option, PWD service, and other streamlined processes have significantly contributed to operational ease.

Expanded Functionality: The ERP solution offered various functionalities tailored to meet Kabayan's unique business requirements. Features such as the Price check option, PWD service, and other streamlined processes have significantly contributed to operational ease.

Financial & Accounting Module Excellence: Kabayan's management expresses high satisfaction with the financial and accounting module embedded in Axanta ERP. The system's advanced reporting tools empower the management to make informed and strategic business decisions. This comprehensive module provides a complete financial view of the business, aiding in complex financial analyses.

Since 2018, Axanta’s successful implementation at Kabayan has not only addressed operational challenges but has also provided a foundation for strategic growth. The integration of loyalty programs, expanded functionalities, and a robust financial and accounting module showcase the versatility and effectiveness of Axanta's ERP solution in the retail sector. Kabayan now stands well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of retail operations with confidence and efficiency.

  • Headquarters : Kuwait
  • Industry : Retail Hypermarket
  • Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite

Axanta Business Solution fulfills Kabayan Hypermarket's need for a fully integrated Retail Management Solution

Kabayan Hypermarket is a chain of grocery stores operating in Kuwait since 2018. They started with a single store in Salmiya and now have successfully established 5 more stores nationally. Kabayan Hypermarket has plans to open up a chain of stores and will go soon live with their Online Hypermarket. The Hypermarket is spread over thousands of sq. ft. area and has over 10 tills operational to cater huge footfalls at the store.  

Operations Manager, Kabayan Hypermarket


  • Complete view of Inventory and Sales data was unavailable
  • Inefficient stock monitoring and movement
  • Inaccuracy in stock due to duplication in work
  • No real time data
  • Delayed decision making due to inadequate information
  • Complex Sales and Invoicing process
  • Unmanageable data consolidation and audits
  • Retailer was unable to sell combination offers, run promotions or reach out to customers


  • Data compilation at one single place at Head Office
  • Comprehensive merchandise visibility across the retail chain at all times
  • Improved decision-making process for effective retail management
  • Better understanding of customer buying preferences
  • Increased Speed and Accuracy in processing transactions
  • Quick and Easy Control in Inventory using PDT Devices
  •  Significant improvement in invoicing